New Year. New trends. The perfect time for designers to look forward, explore, reinvent and reinvigorate the world with a breadth of fresh ideas. Wonder what is taking the design world by storm in 2019? Here’s our take:

#1: Getting Rid of the Box

Design in 2019 is not merely about thinking outside the box. It’s about eliminating the box altogether – literally! Instead of having the design encased in a frame, the idea is to embrace a more open approach – sans frame – where the design seemingly shows only a fragment of the entire picture that stretches beyond the borders of your medium. After all, creativity should not be confined. 

#2: All That Glitters

Metallic palettes promise to increase in prominence this year. Go ahead and give your design that irresistible sheen and polish with this futuristic look. The iridescent colour effect of metallic hues creates a chic and prestigious appeal that’s right on trend! The result? A luxurious feel that will leave viewers wanting more!

#3: Liquid Dreams

Get ready to go with the flow this year. There’s an undeniable sense of fluidity and freedom that comes with a well-executed depiction of a liquid element in design, even when applied to typography. With the multitude of shapes and thickness levels that one can play with when it comes to the liquid form, the possibilities are endless. Are you ready to make a splash?

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