Ever wished you could figure out what your customers want? Now you can. Start the year by understanding your customers’ habits. Know WHEN and WHERE they are looking at your website.

For this issue, I would like to touch on Remarketing. Have you ever browsed a website and, the next thing you know, it’s all in your face in the digital sphere?  That is Remarketing at work!  

Remarketing was first introduced by Google back in March 2010, providing an innovative avenue to ensure that your brand or product achieves top-of-mind awareness among your website visitors (and potential customers!). Compared to other platforms, it is supposed to be the least expensive way of converting your customers.

To give you more bang for your buck, just two years ago, Google refined it to include remarketing via an email list. You might wonder how this happens as conventionally they only recognise IP addresses. Well, this is just one of the additional features offered by Google. 

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