An annual report is much more than a display of an Organisation’s performance. It is also an extension of its corporate identity – a marketing tool as well as a platform upon which to connect with its stakeholders.

Many a time, we come across clients who may find the thought of having to churn out yet another annual report to be daunting. Some may not have even worked on an annual report before. They are new to the process and BURSA requirements, and unsure of how to even begin.

That’s where we come in…

An annual report does not merely entail producing another pretty cover; it’s a process that involves carefully planned steps, connecting with many stakeholders and staying on top of timelines. In short, it is project management.

Here is a simple checklist to guide those who are new to the annual report process. It offers some general questions to consider in getting the development process rolling.

• Have you identified a key project lead?

Basically it helps to have a single point of contact to gather all the contents and changes, and ensure timelines are met.

• Have you decided on your creative theme/direction?

This would help agencies nail the cover and reduce back and forth time in meeting your Management’s expectations on the creative aspect.

• Do you have a budget & format in mind?

For those with a sizeable number of shareholders, it’s always more cost effective to produce CDs.

• Have you sat down with all stakeholders and set your expectations and timeline?

These are just some of the questions that you need answered. But fret not… we will work through all the above with you.